Why DePS?

Welcome to Deira Private School!

Deira Private School (DePS) is a British curriculum school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with over 300 students. DePS is located in Al Twar 3, a suburb sector of Deira, Dubai, where there is less traffic and more serenity.


Well-structured curriculum

Safe and reliable transport service with female supervision

Caring family-oriented school where your child can be nurtured

Qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers

Well-resourced classrooms

Outstanding ICT programme

Dynamic reading and library programme

Creative and exciting music lessons

Focus on healthy lifestyle

Large grassed play area

Quiet, safe suburb location – no traffic

  • Wall to separate campus from roads and parking areas
  • Gates with securing latches
  • Playground (adequate space in relation to pupil population)
  • Play facilities provided with safety precaution, e.g. no broken facilities, no sharp objects and a shock absorbent surface
  • Cleanliness maintained at all times
  • Adequate shade
  • No cracks in walls/ floor/ roof
  • Floors are not slippery
  • Floors are clean, smooth and easy to wash
  • Doors properly fixed
  • All electrical fixtures in good condition (main switch covered and away from students’ reach, no loose connections)
  • Classroom space adequate (space should enable teacher to reposition desks and chairs in a variety of ways depending on activity being carried out)
  • Air conditioners in good working order (especially in summer)
  • Adequate ventilation (windows to be open in winter)
  • Adequate lighting


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