About us

Welcome to Deira Private School!

Welcome to Deira Private School, A Learning environment that provides a multicultural environment that is conducive to the development of each students full potential and equip them to become responsible, socially well adjusted, future citizens, who are capable of making balanced and informed decisions.

Core Values




The two swooshes on either sides of the crest stand for the school’s attempt to develop the child’s:

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

  • Wall to separate campus from roads and parking areas
  • Gates with securing latches
  • Playground (adequate space in relation to pupil population)
  • Play facilities provided with safety precaution, e.g. no broken facilities, no sharp objects and a shock absorbent surface
  • Cleanliness maintained at all times
  • Adequate shade
  • No cracks in walls/ floor/ roof
  • Floors are not slippery
  • Floors are clean, smooth and easy to wash
  • Doors properly fixed
  • All electrical fixtures in good condition (main switch covered and away from students’ reach, no loose connections)
  • Classroom space adequate (space should enable teacher to reposition desks and chairs in a variety of ways depending on activity being carried out)
  • Air conditioners in good working order (especially in summer)
  • Adequate ventilation (windows to be open in winter)
  • Adequate lighting


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